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MXT 4.0

MXT 4.0 is the best charger for small and medium-size a24 systems v. MXT 4.0 is ideal for maintenance charging of large flottedi vehicles with 24 V batteries, emergency generators, dellenevi cats, wheelchairs etc. MXT 4.0 is able to resolve related numerosiproblemi on drums, with many features as that ofthe diagnosis shows whether a battery may receive and maintain unacarica, a special recovery function for stratified very discharged batteries, an exclusive maintenance charging, a cheottimizza mode charging on cold winter days and a battery AGM battery function more demanding (e.g. Optima). MXS is uncaricabatterie to 4.0 8 step, fully automatic that delivers a 4 in battery versionof from 8 – 100 Ah and is suitable for charging up to 250 Ah dimantenimento. The charger has protection class IP65 (splash-proof and dust) and is designed not to sound vehicle electronics. spark-proof, polarity inversion ecortocircuito. MXS 4.0 comes with a guarantee of 2 years.

CHARGING VOLTAGE 31.4 29.4 28.8//V
CHARGER TYPE 8 stages, fully automatic charging cycle
Types Of Batteries Lead-acid batteries from 24 V
BATTERY CAPACITY 8 – 100 Ah, up to 250 Ah for maintenance
INSULATION IP 65 (splash-proof and dust)

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